Friday, June 26, 2009

Where did the year go...Kaden is now a year old and wow has our year been busy!!
Many times I wasn't sure if I was suppose to be changing diapers or attending some great event to celebrate Brandon's Senior Year. A year full of many different emotions. It was very touching to see how life goes around and how LIFE can bring so much to a household. Some of my favorite moments ( of course crying through most of them) was dressing Kaden in Brandon's baby clothes and attending Brandon's graduation events. It was a great testimony as to how quick the years go by. Kaden's birth brought many comments some warm and fuzzy and others well I wonder sometimes how we say things really come out wrong. But one thing is for certain he was a gift sent from our Lord and Savior. Anyone that knows me knows how much I love kids and so to add Kaden was just one more precious blessing. I have enjoyed the summer with Jessica home and watching him and her bond HE LOVES HIS BIG SISTER!!! I will soon post some pics to show you how precious he is now. As you look at them you will think he looks like Adrianne and of course she enjoys carrying him just to make people look!!


Mike said...

I had to do a double- take when it said The Rice- Houck Family blog had been updated. Yay for you!!

A Tiger Fan in Bulldog Country said...

oopppss. just realized for some reason that dad's email was logged into on my computer.

Jolyne said...

I am enjoying having a 2nd set of children per say and I had 2 at your age!! They will keep us young for sure!! Enjoy them for they truly are a gift from God!!